First blog post

My plans for this blog are fairly simple: to express opinions and reach out to like-minded individuals.  Isn’t that what all blogs attempt to do?  I think more attention is needed to explain the name than the intentions I have creating this blog.  I feel the name I chose “Pretentious Pelican” is a bit of truth in advertising.  I chose the animal pelican for its awkward appearance, its large beak, and loud obnoxious sound it makes.  In the end, aren’t all opinion blogs like this?  So, rather than give off an air of some pompous, dogmatic sense of purpose, I would much rather establish an honest image of how I think most of my blog posts will sound.  Loud, obnoxious, pretentious, like that of a pelican’s beak.  Since you, the reader, have been forewarned, you cannot claim that I am writing any of my blogs for any other reason than the fact that I’m a lumbering and noisy bird who cannot keep his beak shut.  


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