I’m a Nerd, But I Don’t Like Superheroes.

Well, I’m pretty sure my title already explained what this blog is about.  So I might as well get into why I don’t like superheroes and why I am bothering whoever is reading this (all three of you) with this information. 

First of all, I am not a fan because superheroes just aren’t my cup of tea.  I have seen a few movies and read a few comics.  However, I don’t find them that entertaining.  I really can’t explain it.  The inevitable response is “we’ll have you tried watching so-and-so?” or “have you tried reading such-and-such?”  The answer is usually no with exceptions being some Batman movies and comics, a Superman film, a few X-men movies, and the Toby Mcguire Spidermans. “Oh! But if you try the ones you haven’t seen you might like them.”  I could reflect the same statement back to them about anime.  But they aren’t going to try anime and neither will I try superheroes.

Everyone and their neighbors like superheroes these days.  This was not true decades ago.  It used to be that being into superheroes made you a nerd and made you the subject of bullying.  Now people often say stuff like “I love the Avengers! I’m such a nerd.”  I’m sorry but liking superhero films or buying superhero paraphernalia doesn’t make you a nerd.  As a former teacher I remember watching a kid being bullied over a manga he was reading.  The two bullies were wearing superhero t-shirts. That should be the pot calling the kettle black but it wasn’t.  It is patronizing to us nerds of anime, manga, certain video games etc. for superhero fans to think they are nerds when they haven’t been bullied for their interests.

And that, folks, is the center of the shrubbery maze.  It has become culturally acceptable to like and, hell, even be obsessed with superheroes.  The same isn’t true for lovers of Monty Python films or hardcore Legend of Zelda fans.  You can absorb the world of Marvel superheroes but woe be unto you if you do the same for Adventure Time.  It is a complete load of crap that this arbitrary designation exists in our now pro-superhero society.  I urge all of you superhero fans out there that if anime, or Zelda, or whatever is not your thing, that is fine.  But don’t hold those of us who do in disdain.  It wasn’t too long ago you might have been bullied for your interests.


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