Disturbed’s “The Light”: A Music Video That Shines New Light on Happily Ever After.

I hate fairy tales.  Not Grimm’s fairy tales…those are awesome.  I mean those things we tell our kids all the time.  The ones Disney churns out like babies at the Duggar household.  Perhaps it has something to do with me being a bitter 31 year old male.  Maybe it’s because I am overly-cynical and should stop complaining for once in my life. Whatever!  I like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, how cynical could I be?  But, I digress.  I want to focus on a song by, the metal (nu metal? Hard Rock?  …screw it! Metal it is!) band, Disturbed’s single “The Light.”  It is a song about happily ever after that is realistic, tangible, and achievable.

The song lyrics are fairly straightforward.  The main refrain is “sometimes darkness can show you the light.”  It doesn’t take an English major to tell you what that means.  Sometimes bad situations can lead to better ones. Something even the most cynical of us can admit to.  Whereas, I do love the song, the music video makes it that much sweeter.

The music video tells a simple story of a firefighter who gets trapped in a fire.  He awakens in the hospital with half of his face damaged by the fire.  He struggles with his deformity and the looks passers by give him.  To be fair to the passers by, all of us would give a look like “what happened to you?”  To be realistic, his face would be a deal-breaker to most potential mates.  It is sad but true.  Enter the physical therapist.  Okay, a cliche love story, maybe.  She works with him and, yes, falls in love with him.  How do we know this? She shows up pregnant with, presumably, his baby at his apartment.

I love it!  Not because I love Disturbed. But because it is what I think Beauty and the Beast tales should be.  I always hated the fact that beast turned back into a preppy-looking human.  Why couldn’t he stay the beast?  I saw nothing wrong with his bestial form just as I saw nothing wrong with the man’s scarred up face…and neither did the physical therapist.  If a person who appears hideous at first proves to have a golden heart, he or she should not be barred from finding true love.  However, sadly humans all too often judge others on looks alone.  I hate this and I sympathize with those who suffer due to this, but also lift those up who do not let this get them down.  I also lift up those like the physical therapist who had the knowledge to know he would never look the same and the love not to care about that.


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