An Example of Educational Concepts Embedded in a 90’s Video Game

Educational Skills present in Final Fantasy IV (II in the US) for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System

*  Money Management (e.i. player goes into stores to purchase new equipment)

*  Multiple Digit Numbers

*  Understanding Less and More Values (health running low so needs a potion)

*  Vocabulary — multisyllabic words (e.i. annihilate, capitulate, reprehensible, etc.

*  Literary Concepts such as dramatic irony, the heroes story, quest for redemption, etc.

*  Spatial Exercises — distinguishing up, down, left, right.  Introduction of cardinal directions.

*  some political education (kingdoms, militarism, etc.)

*  Interpersonal lessons (Kain betrays his friends, perfect time to ask if this was socially acceptable behavior)

*  Understanding value (e.g.  this sword is better because it’s attack value is higher.

*  Introduction to the names of mythological creatures (e.g.  Leviathan, Ifrit, etc.)

And probably lots more than I can think of right now.  Remember, the right video game can have educational value.


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